30 August 2010

I guess I just need someone to talk to, too.

( I guess I just need someone to talk to, too.)
@ The Fading Night

Haaiiii. Tomorrow's Teachers' Day as well as Aces' Day.

Mass Run
- Ran with Dearest ; JingMin. ^^
- Sprint the first round, super tired. :/
- Jog for half of the second round. P:
- Halfway, squat down at the side. :B
- Sprint as the ending line draws closer. :D

LCD & Sci
- Miss Ong absent, Miss Geraldine - LCD / Mr Michael - Sci took over. :3
- Need get into groups of 4/5. :O
- Firstly, Tris ; Superlove, SharLynn ; Daughter, JingMin ; Dearest. ^^
- Then, YanTing came into our group. P:
- Kk, anyhow do the work we needed to do. :D
- Called SiewYin ; Baobei ; Yeeling ; Sugarheart, Fiona ; Sugarbaby for heart-to-heart talk. :/
- Quite offending & hurting, but what had to be said, was said. :*

- Got change, then went down, left 10 minutes only. :O
- Then, the whole canteen almost empty, Sparkles still bought tea. :3
- Laughs, thought bell rung already, so rushed up, but when reached 4th floor, bell then rang. LOL ._.

- Boring die.

Home Econs
- Miss Chia didn't teach us alr, change to Miss Chan! :@
- I don't like Miss Chan, still prefer Miss Chia, ROAR. :/
- Slack & crap'd through whole three periods. :P

- Overall okay.

After school
- Went out with SiewYin, SharLynn, Tiffany, Tris, Slyvia, WeiLi. ;)
- Told Tris to msg Fiona just in case she said we pangseh her again. P:
- Went to Vista Point to accompany Slyvia, WeiLi & Tiffany as they want to bake cookies for teachers. :O
- SharLynn need to go, then she went off. D:
- Went to Slyvia house, and see them bake. Hahah, disaster. :O
- SiewYin need to get home, Tris got tuition, I need find supplier, so we went off @ 0340. :*
- Saw Jamalina & Raifana. They accompany me, then we chat. :)
- Saw KangKwan & WenXin, then we chat tgt. Then later they went off. :D
- Saw JiaYee, Wendy & Adeline, then we chat. :)
- After find all the suppliers/customers, Raifana and me same bus go home. - Ty for accompany me. ^^

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Suying - Thanks. xD

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