29 September 2010

If only you can spare a thought for others.

(If only you can spare a thought for others.)
@ Jeansbeans.

Fucked up.

26 September 2010

Sister or friends.

(Sisters of friends.)
@ Jeansbeans.

Hiii. Yesterday, something happened. If you know, good for you. If you don't, don't ask me either. Sometimes, different people have different views and thoughts. Yes, you may listen, who's right who's wrong. But, if you weren't at the situation, you don't know how we feel. Small details do count. Overall, we maybe wrong. But, you really have to understand the whole thing. Passerbys might side, friends might gang. But, you won't know who's right, who's wrong unless you're there. Maybe it's just that small thing that we're unhappy about, but then again, think. If so many people is unhappy, don't you find it a problem? There must be a problem, why so many people are unhappy. It's only a small thing? But small thing + small thing + small thing + small thing + small thing = Big thing - Why? Attitude. I hope you understand, and do not take sides to any party. :) Thanks.

Difference within sister and friends.
Friend: Never seen you cry.
Sister: Had the best shoulder to cry on.

Friend: Ask for your number.
Sister: Memorise your number.

Friend: Knows a few thing about you.
Sister: Could write a biography about you.

Friend: Tolerate your bad attitutde, then leave you.
Sister: Scolds you but change your attitude.

Friend: Comfort you when nobody listens.
Sister: Sit by your side and listen to you.

Friend: Thinks friendship is over, when you've an argument.
Sister: That's not a friendship, until you've an fight.

24 September 2010

You, you and you.

(You, you and you.)

Today is so super unlucky.

Accused for stealing in Chamelon.
I took out yesterday I bought the fake eyelashes @ Bots & Shoes show Tris. Then the person want check my bag. Then, another person check the eyelashes box, and say "What you looking for, this brand we don't sell." Seriously, also never apologised. x.x

Then, we go beside WhateverIcon say.
Then, Fiona/Tris say until kns, then the person say "You all then kns, don't at here create trouble." Seriously? Wtf.

Went to 6th floor slacked.
Got to leave by the security guard.

23 September 2010

If only happiness can last forever.

(If only happiness can last forever.)

Hello dears! :D I'm now in the computer lab, having ICT lessons. Happy die, can use computer. But, sad die, can't access facebook ._. I'm so bored, so I came to posted. Heheh, I'm so bored. Later going for three meet ups, Chua Chu Kang, Boon Lay & Yew Tee. LOL, will be so tired. ;/ Nowadays, can't wake up that early ler. :o How uh?

Lmao, my clique damn cute! :p
1. Study hard.
2. Complete homework on time.
3. Mustn't copy homework.
4. Can't fail any subject in end of year.
Failure to do so, forfeit. :o

Anyw, today's is
My daughter, SharLynn's birthday! :D
And, SHINee's Key's birthday! :P

Hehhe, tml going celebrateeeee. ;D

21 September 2010

Laugh and get over it.

(Laugh and get over it.)

Today's PE sucks.

Firstly, we got shouted for coming down late. Thus, we are supposed to go up then come down again, w/ time limit. Then, we had to run around the school, within four minutes. :o Usually, it's like two rounds, twelve minutes. ==" Then, because of some people walking, went to run the 2.4KM route, within two minutes. LOL, still have people walking. Then, ran again. After that, did a little bit of jumping jet. Then, did shuttle run. And all those tiring exercises. Mad crazy.

17 September 2010

Start all over again.

(Let's start all over again.)

Hey! I'm so sorry, neglecting my blog for several days. :l I've deleted some posts, they look very messy. Anyways, exams are coming, I'll not post as often already.

From the start of year to the recent exam, I realised all my grades are dropping. I wonder if my attitude to work has changed? Honestly, I have not being paying attention in class, especially Math. Neither did I do the homework assigned. :/ I hope it's still not late to start now. :( I am going to put in more more effort in this End Of Year! :D Hope I do better, ^^v

Today kind of sucked. I don't want to elaborate on, ask me if you want to know. :/ But i guess, things are settled. Sometimes, some things are better to left unsaid. If not things will not become like that? But then again, some things are better to be said, at least we settled this. c:


I love Lucifer by SHINee. :D
I'm so gonna learn the lyrics and dance!

06 September 2010

In life, we take gambles.

(In life, we take gambles.)
@ Jeans Beans

Ciaoo. I went out with JingMin at around 12PM? Walked in the rain home @ 5PM plus? I feel sick. Wait, here come the dedications i owed Charmaine, Tris & Elffie.

Dear Charmaine, I knew you through two ways. Firstly, my brother. Secondly, Choir. You've been skipping Choir practices lately, do turn up during the holidays please! Err, when I first see you, I think you're very friendly. Oh, you've been a nice senior and ASL. So, seriously, please come for Choir practices? D:

Dear Tris, I knew you since primary school, through ballet lessons yeap? :) I remembered you're my partner, and we always didn't go and do the examinations. c: But, we've lost contact because I quit. Zomg, the teacher really sucks ._. Hahaha, now we're in the same class, we've been in contact again! Please be good, don't do it again. I know it's very tempting >< But, yeah.

Dear Elffie, I knew you, also quite long already? We're both from Evergreen Primary yeah? :) I didn't talk to you in Evgps, but i guess we're quite close nao? LOL, you also uh! Need to be good good. Don't do it again okay. And, I'm glad things turn up like fairytales (happy endings) for you and your clique.

- Msn with someone, the most one i disliked in secondary school. ;)
- I felt like slapping him, I wished I didn't know him. :@

Outing with JingMin
- Firstly, went to Banquet to eat Umian!
- Super angry ._. I told them I wanted spicy, always give me non-spicy one.
- Then, went to library. :P
- Study around for one hour or less than? :P
- Then, walked around. Time check - 3PM plus. ;)
- Called Tris, and asked if she want to hang out with us. :D
- She said she had tuition. D:
- Ten minutes later, she called back and said she will hang out with us for awhile. ^^
- Went to Chamelon... O.o
- Then Mac, Tris bought Chicken Burger. :)
- Ichiban for JingMin & me. 8)
- Tris & me home'd, sorry JingMin! P:

Tags Replies
Jean-Rong, Dorothy, Yockyen, Mingzhu - Heyyy. 8)
Elffie - LOL, am I supposed to be afraid? :O Hahahah.
Fiona - Lol, wth? Roar, I say roar! No meow! :@
Jiaying - Lesbo! Thanks, ilyt. :)
Jiayee - Nopeee, bery have a longer lifespan then flower! Flower die first.
SiEn - Okay, relink asap. x)
Ameerah - Oh, take care. I'm fine. 8D
Ladygaga - Heyy, I'm obameah. xD
YeeLing, ShuYu- Lolokayokay.
JingWen - No problems. :)
Jos, Calvin - Thank youu. c:
PuiLing - Ahpuiiiiiiiiiii.
Doreen - Hey thanks! :D

05 September 2010

Only if wishes come true.

(Only if wishes come true.)
@ Jeans Beans

Ayyyy. I'll be rotting at home today. 8) Nothing much to post, I shall post... Everything and anything. :O Laughs, k let's get started.

- History Notes on Society. (Homework!)

- Science Examination Paper & Science Workbook, Page Seven to Eleven. (Homework!)

- Math Chapter Nine & Mother Tongue Textbook PAge 69. (Homework!)
- Choir from One to Five. (Cca!)

- Lit worksheet. (Homework!)

- Math Examination Paper on Blue Book, Page Forty-Six to Sixty-Two. (Homework!)


I feel like watching Haunted Changi, anyone wants to watch too? Maybe we go together? 8)
Monday or Tuesday at CausewayP or AMK Hub! Sms me, thank you! ^^

Tags Replies
Elffie - Thanks choco! 8)
Anna - Haii. xD
JingMin - Dearest! Hahah, nevermind. :)
HweeGuan - Thank you. ;)
Jocelyn - Thanks! :P
Fiona - I said ROARRRRH. Roar, P:
Nicole - Hii. :B

04 September 2010

I hope I won't lose my smile again.

(I hope I won't lose my smile again.)
@ Tiny Dolls

Ciaooo. I'm crazy and tired now. :s

- Woke up at around 10AM? :P
- Parents went out, alone at home. D:
- Parents want to go out to dine, I didn't want, but I also didn't want to stay at home. :/
- Msg'd around 10 people asking if they can come out? :3
- Elffie can! So, I went out with her. :D
- Bathed and what so ever. :K
- Met her at 1PM @ Breadtalk. :)

Outing with Elffie

Elffie and Me. / Me and Elffie.

- Err, went to Chamelon. :D
- Then went to Popular to buy pens. :P
- Went to library, study for less than an hour. :O
- Went off the CausewayPoint again.
- Did things! (Secret.) :X
- Hahah, walked around. :3
- Went to nursing room! (Secret.) ;X
- Went to Cold Storage to buy drink, then bought fries and ate at Mac. ;)
- Walked around. :o
- Faceshop, bought nail polish! :D
- Elffie bought Baby Blue, I bought Baby Pink! :D
- Went together with Elffie to deposit her money. :3
- Then home @ 7PM plus. Saw LiLing! ^^

Tags replies
Elaine - Thanks babe! ;)
Siuhui - Sure senior. :)
Sylvia - Heyyy thanks. :D
Khairunisah - Hello, kk. ^^
Kim - Hey, shall tag you back someday. :P
Wendy - Hahah, then still can type? :X Sorry lah, only sent to those I text recently, next time jio you k! ^^

03 September 2010

Friends are the happiness of my life.

(Friends are the happiness of my life.)
@ Jeans Beans

Happy birthday to Raifana ; (G)Cousin! ^^ I miss you, SiewYin ; Baobei! D: Cheer up Felicia! :) Happy holidays everyone! :D

- Bus'd to school with Suying. ^^
- Super hilarious because we said we'll meet each other @ 630AM. :P
- But, I arrived @ 645AM, and she arrived @ 650AM. :O

Mother Tongue
- Went down to find Mr. Jong for the chairman things. :}
- Came up with Christine. (:
- Not that bad actually. xD

- Did nothing but going around to ask people for the survey thing.
- Okay, & we had punctual recess! :D

- Ate sambal chicken hor fun with JingMin, Tris & SharLynn. It's was delicious. :D
- LOL, chatted. - (Secrets.) :X
- Went up! :D

- Incredibly horrible. @.@

- Alright, I guess. :?

Contact Time
- LOL, got back our report slips.
- 2As, 2Bs, 3Cs. (Not including home econs!)
- Seriously, results were disappointing. ):

- Lame.

- Rather fine. :O
- Tired, nearly doze off. :X
- Verniceeeeeeeeeee is so cute.
Vernice: I ask hnim text me at 530, now 535 alrdy, don't have messages from him.
I: Laughs! Hahaha, maybe he busy la. xD
-Seconds later-

Tags replies
Mingzhu, Jean-Rong, XueWen, Suying - Hello! ^^
Angeline, Yanfei - Thanks, will tag back. ;)
Wendy, Joey - LOL okay. P:
Fiona - Fionaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you szb.
Elffie - Hiii, laughs will. :B Err, haha kk. Thanks. :P
SarasexyHeadphones - Thanks, but sorry I don't feel like adding one.
Yeeling - Sugarrrrrrrrrheart. :D Hahah, kk. :)
Jiaying - Sorry dear! I'll link you now. ;)

02 September 2010

I wished...

(I wished I had a friend who lend a listening ear when she sense something is on my heart.)
@ Jeans Beans

Alohaaaaaaaaaaaa. Grr, school is back! ):

- Met Suying at interchange. - Sorry twinny, I was late! :P
- Rushed for 901, that just arrived.
- Bus super empty! :O
- Some people prefer to stand, even though there re many seats available. O.o
- Went to canteen with JingMin, Fiona & Elffie. ;)
- Then, JiaYing came to school, then went up to get record file & storybook, then she put her instrument. xD

Mother Tongue
- Teacher go through new chapter! ^^
- Fun overall. :D

- Read SiewYin's love letter to me! - Thanks babe, love you! (L)
- Super bored! ._.

- Didn't went down to eat. D:
- JingMin & me doing history notes. :P
- SharLynn bought food up for us! - Thanks a lot babe. :D
- Hide @ one corner eat. - We thought of the malays! ^^

- As usual, Miss Deepa didn't came.
- Had some worksheets, but I did Science worksheet instead. xD

- Omg, I was daydreaming. :O
- But, I guess I seem paying attention. P:

- Miss Ong had a bad flu & bad cough. :O
- Did worksheet instead. ^^
- Went around collecting forms. :P

- Still, haven't complete the video. ^^
- Hahaha, some videos are interesting! :P

After school
- Supervise duty. P:
- Akmal, Stuart & Dinie were super funny.
- Akmal support America, Stuart support India, Dinie support Japan.
- Hahaha, super funny. I did record!
- Akmal go delete ._. Fug shit.
- Went Vista with Suying! ^^
- Saw Charmaine & Felicia when at the bus stop.
- They went to 888's KFC to eat.
- Home.

01 September 2010

I am happy, again.

(I am happy, again)
@ Tiny Dolls

Hiiii. Sorry for posting twice today, but I am seriously bored. :/ I dislike school days, but I dislike holidays more when nobody is free to go out, and no interesting movies to watch! :@

I've been using the computer from the time I wake up, which is 9AM to now. Seriously, I've nothing better to do. There's homework, but it's not better than using the computer eh? P: Hee, I've bloghopped around, and Jeanbeans@tumblr, Happymonsters@tumblr & Tinydolls@tumblr, their doodles are seriously awesome. (Y) I just ate my dinner, but I'm hungry, still. :L And, my throat feels dry. - K, just drank water. ^^ LOL, messaging JiaYing & Elffie now. ;) Text me please! D:


I shall bloghopped some blogs, then go and finish my homework! K, that's all. Byeee. :D

I don't know what is stored for me.

(I don't know what is stored for me.)
@ Love Box

Hey people. K, I feel so weird. Today is a school holiday, have fun people! But, remember to finish up your homework also. xD

Anyways, I did this, Draw A House, I guess it's rather true. :B Just go take it, okay? :P

My results are: (Bold means I agree.)
Your house tells the world that you ought to be a leader. You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes.

You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. - Err, repeated? You have a strong personality and you like to command, influence and control people.

You are not a romantic person by nature. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You don't think much about yourself.


The red part, even JingMin agrees! Seriously, how true can this be. :B So, please go and try, you never know what your results would be! ;)

Tags Replies
Joey, Elffie - Thanks for tagging, tagged back. ;D
Dorothy, ShuYu - Hello! ;) Err, ups and downs. :/
Nicole, PuiLing - Hello! ;B
Anna - Yeah, hahah, wait awhile uh. :)
Jocelyn - LOL! What's so funny? Share? :O