23 September 2010

If only happiness can last forever.

(If only happiness can last forever.)

Hello dears! :D I'm now in the computer lab, having ICT lessons. Happy die, can use computer. But, sad die, can't access facebook ._. I'm so bored, so I came to posted. Heheh, I'm so bored. Later going for three meet ups, Chua Chu Kang, Boon Lay & Yew Tee. LOL, will be so tired. ;/ Nowadays, can't wake up that early ler. :o How uh?

Lmao, my clique damn cute! :p
1. Study hard.
2. Complete homework on time.
3. Mustn't copy homework.
4. Can't fail any subject in end of year.
Failure to do so, forfeit. :o

Anyw, today's is
My daughter, SharLynn's birthday! :D
And, SHINee's Key's birthday! :P

Hehhe, tml going celebrateeeee. ;D

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