01 September 2010

I am happy, again.

(I am happy, again)
@ Tiny Dolls

Hiiii. Sorry for posting twice today, but I am seriously bored. :/ I dislike school days, but I dislike holidays more when nobody is free to go out, and no interesting movies to watch! :@

I've been using the computer from the time I wake up, which is 9AM to now. Seriously, I've nothing better to do. There's homework, but it's not better than using the computer eh? P: Hee, I've bloghopped around, and Jeanbeans@tumblr, Happymonsters@tumblr & Tinydolls@tumblr, their doodles are seriously awesome. (Y) I just ate my dinner, but I'm hungry, still. :L And, my throat feels dry. - K, just drank water. ^^ LOL, messaging JiaYing & Elffie now. ;) Text me please! D:


I shall bloghopped some blogs, then go and finish my homework! K, that's all. Byeee. :D

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