04 September 2010

I hope I won't lose my smile again.

(I hope I won't lose my smile again.)
@ Tiny Dolls

Ciaooo. I'm crazy and tired now. :s

- Woke up at around 10AM? :P
- Parents went out, alone at home. D:
- Parents want to go out to dine, I didn't want, but I also didn't want to stay at home. :/
- Msg'd around 10 people asking if they can come out? :3
- Elffie can! So, I went out with her. :D
- Bathed and what so ever. :K
- Met her at 1PM @ Breadtalk. :)

Outing with Elffie

Elffie and Me. / Me and Elffie.

- Err, went to Chamelon. :D
- Then went to Popular to buy pens. :P
- Went to library, study for less than an hour. :O
- Went off the CausewayPoint again.
- Did things! (Secret.) :X
- Hahah, walked around. :3
- Went to nursing room! (Secret.) ;X
- Went to Cold Storage to buy drink, then bought fries and ate at Mac. ;)
- Walked around. :o
- Faceshop, bought nail polish! :D
- Elffie bought Baby Blue, I bought Baby Pink! :D
- Went together with Elffie to deposit her money. :3
- Then home @ 7PM plus. Saw LiLing! ^^

Tags replies
Elaine - Thanks babe! ;)
Siuhui - Sure senior. :)
Sylvia - Heyyy thanks. :D
Khairunisah - Hello, kk. ^^
Kim - Hey, shall tag you back someday. :P
Wendy - Hahah, then still can type? :X Sorry lah, only sent to those I text recently, next time jio you k! ^^

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