02 September 2010

I wished...

(I wished I had a friend who lend a listening ear when she sense something is on my heart.)
@ Jeans Beans

Alohaaaaaaaaaaaa. Grr, school is back! ):

- Met Suying at interchange. - Sorry twinny, I was late! :P
- Rushed for 901, that just arrived.
- Bus super empty! :O
- Some people prefer to stand, even though there re many seats available. O.o
- Went to canteen with JingMin, Fiona & Elffie. ;)
- Then, JiaYing came to school, then went up to get record file & storybook, then she put her instrument. xD

Mother Tongue
- Teacher go through new chapter! ^^
- Fun overall. :D

- Read SiewYin's love letter to me! - Thanks babe, love you! (L)
- Super bored! ._.

- Didn't went down to eat. D:
- JingMin & me doing history notes. :P
- SharLynn bought food up for us! - Thanks a lot babe. :D
- Hide @ one corner eat. - We thought of the malays! ^^

- As usual, Miss Deepa didn't came.
- Had some worksheets, but I did Science worksheet instead. xD

- Omg, I was daydreaming. :O
- But, I guess I seem paying attention. P:

- Miss Ong had a bad flu & bad cough. :O
- Did worksheet instead. ^^
- Went around collecting forms. :P

- Still, haven't complete the video. ^^
- Hahaha, some videos are interesting! :P

After school
- Supervise duty. P:
- Akmal, Stuart & Dinie were super funny.
- Akmal support America, Stuart support India, Dinie support Japan.
- Hahaha, super funny. I did record!
- Akmal go delete ._. Fug shit.
- Went Vista with Suying! ^^
- Saw Charmaine & Felicia when at the bus stop.
- They went to 888's KFC to eat.
- Home.

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