06 September 2010

In life, we take gambles.

(In life, we take gambles.)
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Ciaoo. I went out with JingMin at around 12PM? Walked in the rain home @ 5PM plus? I feel sick. Wait, here come the dedications i owed Charmaine, Tris & Elffie.

Dear Charmaine, I knew you through two ways. Firstly, my brother. Secondly, Choir. You've been skipping Choir practices lately, do turn up during the holidays please! Err, when I first see you, I think you're very friendly. Oh, you've been a nice senior and ASL. So, seriously, please come for Choir practices? D:

Dear Tris, I knew you since primary school, through ballet lessons yeap? :) I remembered you're my partner, and we always didn't go and do the examinations. c: But, we've lost contact because I quit. Zomg, the teacher really sucks ._. Hahaha, now we're in the same class, we've been in contact again! Please be good, don't do it again. I know it's very tempting >< But, yeah.

Dear Elffie, I knew you, also quite long already? We're both from Evergreen Primary yeah? :) I didn't talk to you in Evgps, but i guess we're quite close nao? LOL, you also uh! Need to be good good. Don't do it again okay. And, I'm glad things turn up like fairytales (happy endings) for you and your clique.

- Msn with someone, the most one i disliked in secondary school. ;)
- I felt like slapping him, I wished I didn't know him. :@

Outing with JingMin
- Firstly, went to Banquet to eat Umian!
- Super angry ._. I told them I wanted spicy, always give me non-spicy one.
- Then, went to library. :P
- Study around for one hour or less than? :P
- Then, walked around. Time check - 3PM plus. ;)
- Called Tris, and asked if she want to hang out with us. :D
- She said she had tuition. D:
- Ten minutes later, she called back and said she will hang out with us for awhile. ^^
- Went to Chamelon... O.o
- Then Mac, Tris bought Chicken Burger. :)
- Ichiban for JingMin & me. 8)
- Tris & me home'd, sorry JingMin! P:

Tags Replies
Jean-Rong, Dorothy, Yockyen, Mingzhu - Heyyy. 8)
Elffie - LOL, am I supposed to be afraid? :O Hahahah.
Fiona - Lol, wth? Roar, I say roar! No meow! :@
Jiaying - Lesbo! Thanks, ilyt. :)
Jiayee - Nopeee, bery have a longer lifespan then flower! Flower die first.
SiEn - Okay, relink asap. x)
Ameerah - Oh, take care. I'm fine. 8D
Ladygaga - Heyy, I'm obameah. xD
YeeLing, ShuYu- Lolokayokay.
JingWen - No problems. :)
Jos, Calvin - Thank youu. c:
PuiLing - Ahpuiiiiiiiiiii.
Doreen - Hey thanks! :D

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