26 September 2010

Sister or friends.

(Sisters of friends.)
@ Jeansbeans.

Hiii. Yesterday, something happened. If you know, good for you. If you don't, don't ask me either. Sometimes, different people have different views and thoughts. Yes, you may listen, who's right who's wrong. But, if you weren't at the situation, you don't know how we feel. Small details do count. Overall, we maybe wrong. But, you really have to understand the whole thing. Passerbys might side, friends might gang. But, you won't know who's right, who's wrong unless you're there. Maybe it's just that small thing that we're unhappy about, but then again, think. If so many people is unhappy, don't you find it a problem? There must be a problem, why so many people are unhappy. It's only a small thing? But small thing + small thing + small thing + small thing + small thing = Big thing - Why? Attitude. I hope you understand, and do not take sides to any party. :) Thanks.

Difference within sister and friends.
Friend: Never seen you cry.
Sister: Had the best shoulder to cry on.

Friend: Ask for your number.
Sister: Memorise your number.

Friend: Knows a few thing about you.
Sister: Could write a biography about you.

Friend: Tolerate your bad attitutde, then leave you.
Sister: Scolds you but change your attitude.

Friend: Comfort you when nobody listens.
Sister: Sit by your side and listen to you.

Friend: Thinks friendship is over, when you've an argument.
Sister: That's not a friendship, until you've an fight.

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