17 September 2010

Start all over again.

(Let's start all over again.)

Hey! I'm so sorry, neglecting my blog for several days. :l I've deleted some posts, they look very messy. Anyways, exams are coming, I'll not post as often already.

From the start of year to the recent exam, I realised all my grades are dropping. I wonder if my attitude to work has changed? Honestly, I have not being paying attention in class, especially Math. Neither did I do the homework assigned. :/ I hope it's still not late to start now. :( I am going to put in more more effort in this End Of Year! :D Hope I do better, ^^v

Today kind of sucked. I don't want to elaborate on, ask me if you want to know. :/ But i guess, things are settled. Sometimes, some things are better to left unsaid. If not things will not become like that? But then again, some things are better to be said, at least we settled this. c:


I love Lucifer by SHINee. :D
I'm so gonna learn the lyrics and dance!

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