16 October 2010

I love being happy.

(I love being happy.)
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Hello people!^^ End of Year examinations are over, like finally?! I am so darn happy now. During 14th and 15th October, I had so much fun with my girlfriends! <3 (Fiona, JingMin, SharLynn, Tris, YeeLing).

14th October.
- Went home to prepare! ;)
- Met Fiona, JingMin, SharLynn, Tris, YeeLing at 3 plus(?).
- Bought The Child's Eye ticket @ 5.35PM!
- While waiting, when to Mega Foodcourt to get something to eat.
- Went to watch! ^^

We were seated in this way.
Row G: JingMin, Me, SharLynn.
Row F: YeeLing, Tris, Fiona.

Hahah, JingMin kept grabbing my arm ._. SharLynn want to see, but scared. :/ YeeLing, too scared to watch, didn't watch almost half the movie. -.- Tris a little scared? :o Fiona and me kept laughing at the scary parts. ^^

- SharLynn went off with her mum, while I went to the toilet. :b
- Tris' mum came to fetch her T.T (Can't overnight at Fiona's house.)
- Board 912 bus to Fiona's house. (Tris messaged me, said she can overnight, but she only can come over at 10 plus.)
- Bathed, and waited for Tris.
- Hahah, Tris came. Fiona went down with her (medium-sized) bear, JingMin went down with her (medium-sized) dog, YeeLing went down with her (small-sized) pig, I went down with a (big-sized) rabbit. Then got people looking at us. :B Haha, got stalker. :o
- Talked about how we became a clique and all those. :)
- Fiona wanted to sleep, so went to bed. I kept playing with the (big-sized) rabbit. And, I gave a name to it, Mr. Simon. ^^
- Kept disturbing people with Mr. Simon, then Tris kicked it. (They laughed like crazy.)
- Fiona, YeeLing and Tris went up the bed. JingMin and me, went down the mattress and talk via sms. :b
- At 2 plus, tried to wake up the others. Hahah, how they sleep-talk(?) when we waking them, was darn hilarious.
- Then, slept at the mattress with JingMin. :o
- I woke up last @ 7/8(?) they said I snore @.@ and, they placed a baby-soft-toy at my head there. -.-
- Went down to buy maggi mee to eat. ^^
- Played Hide-The-Bunny - which is Mr. Simon. Hide it at almost everywhere, washing machine, behind the door, in a box and all. (Haha, funny.)
- Then went down to playground to play.
- After that, went up and rested.
- Tris and me home. ^^

(will be updated later.)

05 October 2010

There for each other

(There for each other)
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olleH. Recently, too inactive! I have changed my blogskin, and renewed my tagboard. So, do your usual drills kkk! :D Thanks many many.


Me & Elffie. :D

Fiona & Elffie. :D

PS: The masks is Fiona's sister's. :) We just played with it. :P

Library with Tris, JingMin & Fiona. :D Kekeke, then met Suying, Wendy, G.Xinyi, Elffie, Sheralyn there. :) Sheralyn, Tris, Elffie & Me walked home. :D Before walking home, went to fushan garden. ^^

Me, Sheralyn, Tris & Elffie.

K, end here. Off to pack bag, then sleep. :b Byeeee.