05 October 2010

There for each other

(There for each other)
@ Jeansbeans.

olleH. Recently, too inactive! I have changed my blogskin, and renewed my tagboard. So, do your usual drills kkk! :D Thanks many many.


Me & Elffie. :D

Fiona & Elffie. :D

PS: The masks is Fiona's sister's. :) We just played with it. :P

Library with Tris, JingMin & Fiona. :D Kekeke, then met Suying, Wendy, G.Xinyi, Elffie, Sheralyn there. :) Sheralyn, Tris, Elffie & Me walked home. :D Before walking home, went to fushan garden. ^^

Me, Sheralyn, Tris & Elffie.

K, end here. Off to pack bag, then sleep. :b Byeeee.

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